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How 3PLs Use Vinculum?

Manage Multi Client and Multi Warehouse Inventory 11-1

Manage Multi Client and Multi Warehouse Inventory

As a 3PL service provider, you handle multiple clients and their needs. Our system helps you manage the inventory of all your clients using a single dashboard and is capable of handling client operations across multiple warehouses.

B2B and B2C Fulfillment 11-1

B2B and B2C Fulfillment

The eCommerce business model necessitates handling the complexities of B2B and B2C orders and returns. We provide the functionality to handle this seamlessly, allowing you to keep pace with dynamic and evolving business needs.

System Defined Put-away 11-1

System Defined Put-away

Maximise utilization of your warehouse space using our platform that maintains volumetric mapping of your warehouse. Our system calculates the capacity of rakes and quantity bins, ensuring optimal storage capacity.

Client Portal 11-1

Client Portal

A portal with reports and dashboards where your clients have a real time view of inventory, order status, transaction history and operations to give you a competitive advantage over other 3PL service providers.

Shipping Rules for Logistics Management 11-1

Shipping Rules for Logistics Management

Our cloud warehouse management system allows you to define complex shipping rules for assigning transporter to shipments. The rules ensure the reduction in manual errors and save time spent on deciding shipping transporter.

Kitting Management 11-1

Kitting Management

Flexibility in managing product variants, kits & bundles are essential for a modern warehouse. Our system helps you accurately track these virtual combinations & eliminate mistakes especially when working with multiple suppliers & factoring in customer returns.

Multiple Picking Strategies 11-2

Multiple Picking Strategies

Our intelligent system supports ‘Picking by SKU’ (items sorted as per order after picking) and ‘Picking by Order’ (items picked against a single order), thus offering the flexibility you need for your business requirements.

Android App for Real Time Operations 11-1

Android App for Real Time Operations

Track and receive inventory, pick, ‘put-away’, cycle count and ship goods, all via an Android application that allows real time visibility of inventory and orders, thus speeding up operations.

Contract and Billing Management for Clients 11-1

Contract and Billing Management for Clients

Simplify the accounting and invoicing of your clients and enable efficient management of contracts using our system, which is equipped to generate invoices and handle end-to-end billing processes.

Inventory Serialization 11-2

Inventory Serialization

Inventory count and control have a direct impact on the accuracy, speed and profitability of your warehousing operations. Our system allows you to manage serialization not only for select SKUs but also for the entire warehouse.

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