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How Brand Distributors Use Vinculum?

Automated Catalog Listing on Marketplaces and Webshops 11-2

Automated Catalog Listing on Marketplaces

Our catalog management system (CMS) enables easy listing of products by using a master template where all product information and image formats can be stored, and from where marketplace specific information is extracted and uploaded in one-click.

Inventory and Warehouse Management 11-4

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management system offers an ideal warehousing solution for efficient handling of B2B and B2C fulfillment. Our platform facilitates barcoding, SKU serialization, batch management, bundling, shipping rules management and much more.

Real-time View of Inventory 11-5

Real-time View of Inventory

Our system helps you get an accurate, real time view of inventory across your stores, online channels & warehouses to make smarter fulfillment decisions & meet customers' delivery expectations.

Manage Taxes, E-Way Bills for smooth operation 11-2

Manage Taxes and E-Way Bills

You can manage marketplace taxes and generate e-way bills directly from our system, reducing your dependency on multiple systems and making it easy for your employees to manage daily operations.

Order Management and Fulfilment 11-2

Order Management and Fulfillment

Our solution provides real-time access to orders across stores and marketplaces, identifies the store from where an order can be serviced at minimum cost and in the least time. This leads to higher order-fill rates, satisfied customers and lower operational costs.

Integrations with Multiple ‘Last Mile’ Fulfilment Partners 11-2

Integrations with ‘Last Mile’ Fulfillment Partners

Last mile fulfillment providers are critical in the timely delivery of orders to customers. Our partnership and full integration with 40+ highly experienced teams and their systems enable you to print shipping labels and airway bills effortlessly.

Product Information Management 11-2

Product Information Management

Inconsistent information hampers customer shopping experience and restricts their buying decisions. Our solution streamlines product data from multiple sources & provides consistent product information across all sales channels.

Manage Contract and Billing 11-2

Contract and Billing Management for Clients

Simplify the accounting and invoicing of your clients and enable efficient management of contracts using our system, which is equipped to generate invoices and handle end-to-end billing processes.

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