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Re-Thinking Personalization in Retail and eCommerce

Personalization is changing how retailers and brands reach, interact with, and utilize data from customers. Customization is the future of retail and the future of retail marketing.


Bhavna Sachar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Manthan

Haren Chelle

Director & Country Head (Indonesia and Singapore), Yellow Messenger

A Complete Cross-Border Suite

Most brands we speak to tell us about their plans to go Cross-Border but don’t know where to start. Sounds familiar? Are you struggling to make decisions?

Hear out our expert panelists on how you can start selling cross-border.


Abhishek Mitra

Global Business Head - Cross-Border, Vinculum

Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist (Reconciliations), Vinculum

How to Build True Omnichannel

The Covid Crisis has put forth several challenges for Sellers, Brands & Retailers and interrupted supply chain across geos. Most brands are using this time to build their muscle and get future ready - most importantly being present where the customers are.

Omnichannel is one such strategy that ensures you have a robust ecosystem to Sell on any channel and fulfill from any location.


Raju Dedhia

Head Presales & Enterprise Solutions, Vinculum Group

Best Practices to Address 4 Key Fashion Retail Merchandising Challenges

An Interactive session with Retail Experts on Omnichannel Retailing, Inventory Assessment, Assortment planning and buying for next season & Paperless Warehousing.


Amit Kulshreshtha

Chief Product Officer, Vinculum
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Seema Agarwal

VP and Head, Retail Analytics, Manthan

How to enable Contactless Commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the retail industry. Customer preferences have shifted from offline retail towards eCommerce, boosted by contactless and hyperlocal distribution.


Manav Gupta

COO, UrbanPiper

Kartik Mishra

Head of Strategy and New Initiatives, Dunzo

Cross Border Virtual Summit 2020

It's Virtual
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Know More About Start Selling Globally!

Starter Pack to Sell Online

With lockdown opening up in parts, online sales have shot up. This created an urgency among Brands & Sellers to invest in technology that would help them grow exponentially and SAVE TIME & MONEY online


Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist (Reconciliations), Vinculum

Sachin Jain

Product Manager, Vinculum

How to manage your oversold and unsold inventory

Learn how to manage your overstock and unsold inventory


Pankaj Vermani

Founder & CEO, Clovia

Venkat Nott

Founder & CEO, Vinculum Group

Naveen Pansari

Director, Olympia Industries Ltd

Creating social distancing & contactless experience for your customers post Covid

The crisis is compelling more Brands & Retailers to make online their mainstay, physical Retail stores to make Contactless and Social distancing foremost in their customer experience journey.


Shabari Raje

Co-Founder, Finemeashow

Manjunath Prasanna

SVP- Digital Transformation, Magic Mirror (Aagnaa Software Labs)

How to Drive positive ROI in your Ad strategy during lockdown

The Covid Crisis has put forth several challenges for Sellers, Brands & Retailers.In order to help you get the right answers, we invite you to join our expert panelists discussion


Rohin Mittal

Co-Founder, Adyogi

Uday Thareja

CBO, Sync Media and Adtech

How to Drive eCommerce Growth with Post Purchase Experience

Retail brands spend almost 80% of their budget on attracting new visitors and neglect communicating, after their purchase. Focusing on post-purchase customer experience could help increase profits by 25% to 95% for eCommerce business


Vikas Garg

Co-Founder, Shipway

How to Choose the best eCommerce Platform

The selection of the right eCommerce platform enables you to build, customize and run an online store and facilitate you to walk through the entire processes like hosting, design, payment gateway integration, marketing options, and reports, etc.


Rajat Goel

Business Head – Mobility & eCommerce Frontend, Vinculum

How to Scale with AI in the world of eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence is no more an alien-term for businesses as well as consumers! AI has the capability to influence all areas of business. Learn all this in 30 mins in this webinar.


Anand Katakwar

Founder & CEO, Enalito

Amit Koshal

Co-Founder, Enalito

How to Manage Operational Inefficiencies in the Era of GST, E-way Bill, and E-invoicing

The introduction of the game-changing indirect tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and self-compliance mechanism of E-way Bill has impacted all sectors of the Indian economy, especially retail. The retail supply chain is highly sensitive to the market changes, disruption at any stage can buckle it entirely.


Harshad Shinde

Product and Tax Consultant, Avalara

How to Overcome Your Cataloging Challenges and Increase Your Sales on Marketplaces

Listing product catalogs on marketplaces has become a priority for brands to expand their global reach. Managing catalogs across channels and overcoming the challenges of updation and image processing, is central to a brands growth and their omnichannel strategy.


Sachin Jain

Product Manager, Vinculum

How to Decode Amazon Settlement Reports and Save Money

Do you have any clue how the biggest eCommerce site in the world 'Amazon' calculates your payouts? The number of deductions in the form of commission overcharges, shipping, and pick-pack overcharges, etc. is a huge sum of money, which you are losing!


Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist (Reconciliations), Vinculum

Omni Channel Retail - Reach Customers Where They Shop

Retailers must cater to an omnichannel world by internalizing the customer-first mindset and blending digital and physical commerce via tools like live in-store inventory, localized search results, drive-to-store, display ads and more.


Raju Dedhia

Presales and Enterprise Solution Expert, Vinculum

How to Scale Your eCommerce Profitably Through Digital Ads

Vinculum and AdYogi bring to you this value-packed webinar to give you insights on how leading e-commerce brands have cracked the digital ads to scale profitably.

Anshuk Aggrawal

Anshuk Aggarwal

CEO & Co-Founder, Adyogi

Get Your Unclaimed Money Back from the Marketplaces

Brands and Retailers like yourself who sell on marketplaces are sitting on unclaimed money - money that marketplaces owe them. In fact, Around 1% to 3% of GMV per month is lost into leakages every year.  Register to know how to find leakages in your own transactions with marketplaces and manage disputes with them.


Sumit Karranji

Payment Reconciliation Expert , Vinculum

Driving Growth Through Reliable and Faster Catalog Management

Listing product catalogs on marketplaces has become a priority for brands to expand their global reach, thereby increasing their customer-base & revenues. Managing catalogs across channels and overcoming the challenges of updation and image processing, is central to a brands growth and their omnichannel strategy.


Sachin Jain

Product Manager, Vinculum

Payment Reconciliation - Why you cannot ignore it in 2019

Marketplaces owe you money. We tell you how you are losing on your own money by different leakage scenario in payment and ways to reconcile it.

Sumit Karranji

Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist & Payment Reconciliation Expert, Vinculum

Uncover Business Opportunities in Cross-Border eCommerce

Through this 40 min webinar, we aim to address the pressing questions in cross border e-commerce and present strategies for success.


Abhishek Mitra

Business Head - Crossborder, Vinculum