How Sellers Use Vinculum?

Automated Catalog Listing Across Marketplaces 11-1

Automated Catalog Listing Across Marketplaces

Our catalog management system enables easy listing of products using a master template where all product information and image formats can be stored, and from where marketplace specific information is extracted.

Centralized Inventory 11-1

Centralized Inventory

We synchronize your inventory to enable a real-time view. Our system provides customized inventory controls specific to marketplaces, thus ensuring avoidance of over-selling as well as unsold inventory.

Payment Reconciliation on Marketplaces 11-2

Payment Reconciliation on Marketplaces

The complexities of marketplace operations, especially around customer returns often lead to inordinate delays in collections. Our payment reconciliation system identifies unreconciled transactions for you to claim payment leakages from marketplaces.

Consolidated Seller Panel for Orders and Returns 11-1

Consolidated Seller Panel for Orders and Returns

We provide a single dashboard integrated to multiple seller panels across multiple marketplaces. This enables a seller to manage cross channel orders and returns across all the marketplaces in real-time.

Logistics Solutions 11-1

Logistics Solutions

Our partnerships with the best 3PL solution providers and last mile fulfillment partners worldwide help in appropriate partner selection, optimised delivery and logistics costs and robust inventory management and delivery, to meet customer needs.

Financial and Accounting Solutions

Financial and Accounting Solutions

Our ready integrations with financial systems such as QuickBooks and Tally ensure hassle-free accounting related to all your transactions with marketplaces, leading to full compliance to local taxation and accounting regulations.

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Why Choose Us?

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