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How Retailers Use Vinculum?

Automated Catalog Listing on Marketplaces 11-2

Automated Catalog Listing on Marketplaces

Our catalog management system enables easy listing of products using a master template where all product information and image formats can be stored, and from where marketplace specific information is extracted.

Multi-warehouse Fulfillment 11-1

Multi-warehouse Fulfillment

Multiple warehouses often mean inventory holding across locations. We help you to identify the optimal warehouse location for order fulfillment based on pre-defined criteria such as time and cost of delivery as well as availability of inventory.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Simplify the billing, promotions and returns using our cloud-based point of sale, which is also a key enabler for O2O strategy execution, the solution coupled with ERP/warehouse systems offers click and collect & ship from store functionality.

Multi-channel Loyalty 11-1

Multi-channel Loyalty

Delight customers by centralizing customer loyalty points across multiple channels. Easily define loyalty earning and burning rules, convert loyalty points across channels - stores and webstores into rewards and allow points redemption in real-time.

Cross Border eCommerce 11-2

Cross Border eCommerce

Our cross border solution helps brands scale across 30+ countries globally.  Our brand analysts help you in market and channel identification, brand positioning, identifying pricing and method of payment, managing logistics and returns smoothly.

Multi-channel Sales Order Management 11-1

Multi-channel Sales Order Management

Our solution manages customer orders from multiple channels through detailed dashboard reports that give you a unified view of orders and delivery status.

Real-time View of Inventory 11-4

Real-time View of Inventory

Our system helps you get an accurate, real time view of inventory across your stores, online channels & warehouses to make smarter fulfillment decisions & meet customers' delivery expectations.

In-store Customer Promotions 11-1

In-store Customer Promotions

Our system allows you to manage customer promotions such as couponing, line discount, cashback, buyback, loyalty promotions, volume promotions, basket promotions, bill buster, mix and match, and tender based promotions.

Omnichannel eCommerce 11-2

Omnichannel eCommerce

Our omnichannel solution provides your customers a seamless shopping experience whether they are shopping online or offline. We enable click & collect, endless aisle, shop & return across online and offline channels for a delightful customer experience.

Consistent Product and Master Data 11-2

Consistent Product and Master Data

Organizational data across multiple locations makes it difficult to ensure a single version of truth. Our solution synchronizes all internal and external systems to keep your product and master data clean and consistent across the organization.

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