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Challenges and Solutions of eCommerce Shipping

Wednesday, 14th August, 2019
3 PM IST | 30 mins
Gautam Kapoor

Gautam Kapoor

Co-founder and COO,

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About the Webinar

Selling things over the internet hasn’t entirely made profit making any easier for the merchants. Selling something is one part of the job and delivering it efficiently is another. Overcoming the challenges of eCommerce shipping is necessary to make shopping experience effective.

The challenges faced by eCommerce sellers:

  • Limited access to carriers
  • Expensive shipping rates
  • Limited Pin Code coverage
  • Limited COD services
  • No reconciliation of weight, freight bills 
  • No post-sales communication tools

Key Takeaways

  • For creating a winning eCommerce strategy, it’s required to re-evaluate the existing processes. Using technology and other automation tools, ensure pre-order and post-order communication for your customers. This will help in providing better experience to your customers.
  • Determine the eCommerce shipping costs before opting for a courier company. One way to overcome this challenge is to opt for an eCommerce shipping platform. They help you maximize your reach and reduce shipping costs. Also, these platforms ensure that your capital is not locked-in for longer periods to ensure smooth functioning of your operations.