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How to Decode Amazon Settlement Reports and Save Money


Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist (Reconciliations)

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About the Webinar

Do you have any clue how the biggest eCommerce site in the world 'Amazon' calculates your payouts? The number of deductions in the form of commission overcharges, shipping and pick-pack overcharges, etc. is a huge sum of money, which you are losing!

But fret not, there's a way you can learn how to decode the hidden secrets of your Amazon Settlement Report, and master them with our Payment Reconciliation expert, Mr. Sumit Karranji, Global Sales Evangelist (Reconciliations).


Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will learn actionable insights on:

  • Understanding common charges in Amazon Settlement Report
  • Simplifying jargon in those complex payment reports
  • Tips and Tricks to reconcile your account in hours manually
  • How Vinculum's Reconciliation platform (Vin Reco) helps identify real time discrepancies week over week with Amazon and other marketplace charges