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How to Manage Operational Inefficiencies in the Era of GST, E-way Bill and E-invoicing


Harshad Shinde

Product and Tax Consultant

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About the Webinar

The introduction of the game changing indirect tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and self-compliance mechanism of E-way Bill has impacted all sectors of the Indian economy, especially retail. The retail supply chain being highly sensitive to the market changes, disruption at any stage can buckle it entirely.

As a result, GST compliance by filing returns and generating e-way bills on time has become a priority for all businesses, including retailers and brands, logistics service providers, e-commerce merchants and marketplaces.


Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will learn actionable insights on:

  • Trends in retail technology that you need to know in 2020
  • How technology can help transform retail operations
  • How integrating operations with tax compliance can make businesses more efficient
  • Use cases of businesses optimizing and transforming their retail operations