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How to Overcome Your Cataloging Challenges and Increase Your Sales on Marketplaces


Sachin Jain

Product Manager, Vinculum


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About the Webinar

Listing product catalogs on marketplaces has become a priority for brands to expand their global reach, thereby increasing their customer-base & revenues. Managing catalogs across channels and overcoming the challenges of updation and image processing, is central to a brands growth and their omnichannel strategy.

In this webinar, Sachin Jain, Product Manager (Automated Catalog Listing), Vinculum will share his knowledge on how to overcome your cataloging challenges and increase your sales on marketplaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Automated catalog and price push to marketplaces
  • Maintenance of marketplace specific catalog templates & image formats
  • Faster launch of seasonal product catalogs
  • Image processing and upload to marketplaces
  • Centralized digital repository for catalog which can be easily shared with partners
  • Domestic and global listing of product templates across marketplaces