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Get Your Unclaimed Money Back from the Marketplaces

sumit karanji

Sumit Karranji

Global Sales Evangelist & Payment Reconciliation Expert,

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About the Webinar

eCommerce is growing with a 20.6% CAGR and will be a $200 bn market in the next five years. It is clear that eCommerce is the most promising and equally vulnerable industry and Payment reconciliation is an integral part of the business to keep the wheels moving.

Around 1% to 3% of GMV per month is lost into leakages under various scenarios like overcharges levied by the marketplaces on commissions, pick and pack and weight handling charges, payments due on unpaid order, damage returns, carrier damages, replacement and returns.

Learn more about these intricated scenarios and how to handle it, with us.


Key Takeaways

  • Importance of historical data and how to analyse it to know your business health
  • How to identify leakages in various financial transactions with the marketplace
  • How to retrieve leaked revenue from the eCommerce giants
  • Dispute management with marketplaces