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Drive higher Marketing ROI and enable intelligent Merchandise decisions with AI-powered insights

Combine Manthan’s AI-powered Analytics with Vinculum’s full stack e-Commerce solutions to dramatically increase profitable growth


Manthan’s Product Portfolio

An AI and Analytics leader pioneering applications that enable the shortest path to profit for retail and consumer facing businesses.

Powered by AI and prescriptive abilities, Manthan’s products are unique in their ability to process decision contexts and automatically respond with actions and recommendations to manage every aspect of the business.


Key Benefits


Fast time-to-value

Ready to use solutions

Ready to use solutions

Future proof

Future proof

AI-powered analytics platform

AI-powered analytics platform

Built for business users

Built for business users

SaaS Solution

SaaS Solution


What Analytics Solutions does Manthan offer?

Manthan offers a range of bleeding edge analytics solutions for mid-sized and large enterprises. They include –

Customer Marketing Platform – It helps marketers understand their customer holistically, predict their behaviour, identify marketing opportunities and enables personalized marketing.

Merchandise Analytics – It helps merchandisers get business recommendations and take intelligent merchandise decisions related to buying, inventory, pricing and promotions at the right time to drive the best outcomes.

Store Analytics: It helps store managers deliver top-notch personalized in-store experience for customers and take real-time actions on replenishment, promotions and item liquidations through a mobile application.

Supplier Collaboration: It helps retailers collaborate with their supplier via a high performing agile network using data insights about products, categories and shoppers as well as improve process collaboration

What types of businesses are using Manthan’s Analytics?

Manthan’s solutions are being used by over 200+ brands across 28 countries

How long does it take to implement Manthan’s analytics solutions?

Manthan’s offers ready to use applications and you can be up and running in weeks

How much does it cost?

Manthan offers a subscription-based cloud analytics solution with convenient pay-as-you-go pricing

About Vinculum

Vinculum is a market leader in omnichannel retailing, working with brands and retailers to help them scale their revenues across multiple sales channels faster. This is undertaken through multiple solutions covering automated listing, order management, inventory management, fulfillment, product information management and category-wise insights.

  • Automated listing to global sales channels
  • Manage orders, inventory and fulfillment from one single system
  • Ready integration with frontends, marketplaces, financial systems and logistics players globally
  • Online-offline-online transformation for omnichannel experience