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Intelligent Automated Marketing

Use Enalito for Marketing Automation with Vinculum’s full-stack eCommerce solution to automate your retail marketing efforts and to drive 100X ROI from your digital Marketing Spend


What Enalito Offers:

  • AI-based Automated Omni-channel campaigning to dynamic customer segments showing strengths to maximize revenue
  • Automated identified customer segments can be automatically campaigned to rectify business weaknesses
  • Customer receives email at the time when the customer is most likely to open based upon individually predicted ‘Time of the Day’



Key Benefits

Personalized one-to-one

Personalized one-to-one marketing to each customer across on-site and various channels

Loyalty and retention

Loyalty and retention programs designed to reduce costs

Sales boost plus

Sales boost plus overall marketing ROI improvement

Analysis of campaign

Analysis of campaign results to know marketing loopholes as well as opportunities

Targeted marketing campaigns

Targeted marketing campaigns towards high-prospect customer segments

Analysis of crucial aspects

Analysis of crucial aspects like discount sensitivity and seasonality to encourage repeat purchases


For which industry vertical does Enalito provides Marketing Automation?

Enalito provides the Marketing Automation Solutions for Retail eCommerce industry. If you run an online store or wish to start a one, then Enalito is what you need for in-depth analytics and efficient Marketing Automation.


Which eCommerce platforms does Enalito support?

Enalito integrates seamlessly with the e-stores running on all popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, CS.Cart, Yahoo, Unicommerce, WordPress etc.

What is the pricing model? Can we cancel it any time without any after effects of uninstallation?

Enalito comes in a monthly subscription plan and is free for certain merchants fulfilling the ‘free criteria’. To know more about pricing, click here. And yes, you can cancel the subscription any time without any after effects of uninstallation.

What is Enalito’s Support availability?

Enalito is available to provide support for 24*7*365. For any support, query, suggestions or feedback, you can contact us anytime. To contact us, click here.

About Vinculum

Vinculum is a market leader in omnichannel retailing, working with brands and retailers to help them scale their revenues across multiple sales channels faster. This is undertaken through multiple solutions covering automated listing, order management, inventory management, fulfillment, product information management and category-wise insights.

  • Automated listing to global sales channels
  • Manage orders, inventory and fulfillment from one single system
  • Ready integration with frontends, marketplaces, financial systems and logistics players globally
  • Online-offline-online transformation for omnichannel experience