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Ecommerce Business Analytics

Use Enalito Analytics to identify business strengths for higher revenue and rectify weaknesses with Vinculum’s full-stack eCommerce solution for accelerating business performance


What Enalito Offers:

  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) highlighting negative, positive and neutral business trends
  • Automated identification of Most Important customers, At-Risk of Defection, and Lost customer segments
  • Grouping of products based upon their sales performance with insights on products



Key Benefits

Suggest personalized strategy

Suggest personalized strategy for every customer segment to improve brand affinity

Increase AOV with

Increase AOV with cross-sell and up-sell recommendations for each product 

Maximize ROI

Maximize ROI on digital spend via intelligent targeting of store’s high spenders’ lookalikes

Faster stock turnover

Faster stock turnover with best sellers through insights on optimal catalog listing 

Higher product profitability

Higher product profitability with dynamic discounting to different customers

Improved customer retention

Improved customer retention with insight-driven strategies


How is enalito different from google analytics?

Google Analytics helps optimize your point of sales i.e. your website and marketing channels which are just a snippet of your store. Enalito goes beyond to provide insights important for the business. Using Enalito, you get a breakdown of negative and positive business KPIs to understand the business areas that need improvement and scaling. Further, it pinpoints customers and products responsible for the trends affecting your sales so you can remarket strategically with the inbuilt campaigning tool.


What is the pricing model? Can we cancel it any time without any after effects of uninstallation?

Enalito comes in a monthly subscription plan and is free for certain merchants fulfilling the ‘free criteria’. To know more about pricing, click here. And yes, you can cancel the subscription any time without any after effects of uninstallation.

How can I use enalito for my ecommerce store?

Enalito adds value to your business by helping you make informed growth-driven decisions. Better still, it lets you:

  • Evaluate current business health with a single Business Score summing up crucial retail KPIs such as Revenue, Order Count, AOV, Time Between Purchases, Overall Discount, Recency of Purchases & more.

  • Monitor store performance with Business Analytics featuring ecommerce dashboard and custom reports on trends and its effect on business.


Can I get a free trial of enalito?

Yes. Please contact sales@enalito.com or simply fill in the details at Request Demo page for us to reach you. In no time, we’ll integrate with your store here.

About Vinculum

Vinculum is a market leader in omnichannel retailing, working with brands and retailers to help them scale their revenues across multiple sales channels faster. This is undertaken through multiple solutions covering automated listing, order management, inventory management, fulfillment, product information management and category-wise insights.

  • Automated listing to global sales channels
  • Manage orders, inventory and fulfillment from one single system
  • Ready integration with frontends, marketplaces, financial systems and logistics players globally
  • Online-offline-online transformation for omnichannel experience