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Vinculum  @IRF 2019


Enabling Seamless Shopping Across Channels

Visit us at Booth #A22 and learn how we enable brands, retailers, 3PLs, marketplaces and brand distributors with:

  • Automated catalog listing
  • Order, inventory and warehouse management
  • Marketplace payments reconciliation
  • Consistent product and master data management
  • Cross border e-commerce

daye 24-25 September 2019

time Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai

Interested in Vinculum? Talk to us. Fill out this form to set up a meeting*.

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*We are at @Booth #A22.

About IRF 2019

India Retail Forum (IRF) is India's premier annual event where retail brands learn, grow, shop and experience the future of retail and retail real estate in the world's fastest growing market. IRF promises and presents an exclusive opportunity for everyone in attendance – from emerging retail brands to the key industry leaders – to meet and connect with the right set of people, over a course of two days.