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The challenge and how Vinculum helped

UBON encountered multifaceted challenges in managing product charges, tracking real-time B2C order status, and automating marketplace fee calculations. Timely updates for charged fees, resolving policy issues, and comprehensive revenue and expense analysis added complexity. Vinculum's Vin Reco emerged as a game-changer, streamlining order discrepancy resolution, offering detailed charge breakdowns, enhancing visibility with a reconciliation screen, systematically identifying recoverable damage returns, and simplifying data management through one-click downloads.

Vin Reco not only facilitated waiver reconciliation and streamlined return reporting but also enabled the customization of marketplace agreements. The collaborative efforts with Vinculum led to a remarkable 4x increase in recovery efficiency, showcasing the transformative impact and operational optimization for UBON.


What’s in the case study?

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer