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Increase in Orders

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Boost in Operational Efficiency

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Unified Integrations

The challenge and how Vinculum helped

Smytten, operated by Octavos Enterprise Solutions Private Limited, faced several challenges in achieving seamless integration for its product trials and discovery platform. These challenges included implementing zone-based B2C order processing, developing automated seller order allocation systems, navigating diverse order allocation strategies, and managing complex seller order routing. Vinculum stepped in to address these hurdles by implementing allocation strategies, OMS rules, and facilitating order detail reporting.

Integration with Unicommerce and the recommendation of WMS for vendor catalog management further streamlined processes. As a result, Smytten witnessed a remarkable 60% increase in orders and a 95% boost in operational efficiency, achieving 100% unified integrations and enhancing customer experiences while driving sustainable growth.


What’s in the case study?

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer