Vinculum developed a Magento web store for Sam Flax to sell their art products online. The web store is readily integrated with Sam Flax's supplier - McPherson's ERP system to automatically fetch all online orders and drop ship them. This helps Sam Flax save money on warehousing and fulfillment.

The challenge and how Vinculum helped

Sam Flax wanted to set up a web store to sell their art products online. They wanted all online orders to be sent directly to McPherson Art Supplies (one of the largest art suppliers in the US) system for dropshipping. Vinculum delivered:

  • Magento web store -
  • Integrations with McPherson's ERP to fetch orders
  • Integrations with third-party logistics companies
  • Management and listing service of product catalogs
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What’s in the case study?

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer