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Centralized View

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Reduced Operation Time

The challenge and how Vinculum helped

The bigger the order size, the more difficult is the tracking of the inventories. The absence of a centralized Warehouse Management System not only increased the turnaround time but also reduced customer satisfaction which is vital for any brand.

The following solutions were given by Vinculum:-

  • Integrate all of the businesses (B2B & B2C) operating systems into an ERP system
  • Multi-location and automated Warehouse Management system
  • A single dashboard to manage orders, print shipping labels and generate manifests for orders
  • Business intelligence reports to improve inventory planning and operational efficiency
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What’s in the case study?

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer