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The Challenges and How Vinculum Helped

Decathlon faced operational challenges including complex data management spread across multiple systems, data duplication issues, and the need for enhanced warehouse operations. Due to multiple systems for multiple operations, Decathlon lacked smooth functioning & hence resulted in reduced efficiency. Vinculum’s Vin eRetail WMS was implemented for the mother warehouse of Decathlon, a comprehensive Master Data Management and Warehouse Management platform designed for B2C operations.

This system streamlined order and inventory processes, managed stock reservations efficiently, and ensured seamless inventory transaction integration for real-time data synchronization. Furthermore, integrating Decathlon's OMS & SNB APP with Vin eRetail WMS optimized warehouse management, improved the procurement process, and established an effective putaway strategy.

This helped Decathlon attain efficiency in its business processes.

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What’s in the case study?

  • Customer background and the challenges that the customer faced
  • Project deliverables explaining the solutions implemented by Vinculum
  • Business outcomes after successful implementation of the product
  • Results and functional benefits achieved by the customer